Thai Massage

Medicine rooted in the 5 Element Theory

Thai Massage and Medicine is rooted in the 5 Element Theory which is based on the fact that everything is a composition of earth, water, fire, wind and space. Thai Bodywork starts from this base point. The practitioner will use their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and sometimes even their feet to reduce tension in your muscles. Thai massage is based on the idea that energy moves through your body along predictable lines or pathways known as sen. To increase the flow of energy along the sens, the practitioner will move your body into yoga-like positions in addition to working on the tension in your muscles. The combination of stretching, movement, and pressure is what distinguishes Thai massage from other types of massage. Some of the sustaining benefits reported include improved mobility and flexibility in joints and soft tissue, calming energy, increased blood flow, decrease in inflammation and pain relief.

Theresa will begin each session assessing where you are at and where you want to be with a focus on alleviating any suffering. Sessions will be fully clothed on a Thai mat in seated and lying positions using modalities like percussion, thumbing, deep tissue and passive stretching techniques. Cupping, scraping, herbal compresses, hot towels, scarves, Thai balms and liniments will be some tools used in support of healing. Come to your 90 or 120 min session in comfortable, loose fitted clothing (leggins/sweats + breathable shirt + socks. Layered clothing is encouraged). Pre-hydrate.